We are working enthusiastically because our audible/tangible chess board will be exhibited soon at Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo EAC. We are really excited about it and we feel that this occasion will add some meaningful connotations to our project.

The building that hosts the brand new Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (one of the wings of the former Miguelete jail in downtown Montevideo) is being transformed into a great undertaking -unique in Uruguay- whose objectives are promoting art research, creation and freedom. It is inside of one of its cells that our chess board will get a dimension that might go beyond the original idea.

Oddly enough, we have received some testimonials during the last few months from people who, for different reasons, have been deprived of freedom. They all agreed with the fact that playing chess in prison had been one of the activities that helped them the most to overcome their difficult everyday situations. We have also heard about some programmes where chess played a crucial role in rehabilitation.

That is why we feel proud of showing our audible chess at EAC. We also believe that turning the sad references of the building into a place for creativity, enjoyment and play has been a wonderful idea. We do really love being part of it, witnessing the evolution of our once university project.

We feel very happy about this adventure.

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