Last week, we worked hard devoting our efforts to the aesthetic aspect of our project . We were able to fully appreciate it in the dark for the first time, quite a relevant fact considering the difficulties in getting a minute of complete darkness at university installations. Awesome! We loved the light, the sounds and the atmosphere our board generated.

Pablo Sedraschi’s technical assistance in aspects which are generally “not seen” are crucial to our project. Esteban Jaureguizar has also given us some valuable tips on chess matters and his opinions helped us with the selection of the pieces involved. We would also want to thank Fabricio Bogado who lent us his fiducial marked acrylics from his project. We’ll soon have ours! And needless to say, our professor Daniel Argente who has supported the project from the very beginning.

Are we forgetting someone?… Everything is possible at this time of the year… If so, you may post your complaints below.

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